There is no doubt that every company wants to sell their products, add support, provide services or share information. And because of this, these companies strive to make their mobile apps as well as web development application if you looking forward for web development service so vortax provide web development services Wyoming for easier to use and more accessible to customers. ۔ In addition to looking at how the mobile app works or the features you need, it is essential to know which mobile upgrade system or technology suits your needs.

Basically, there are three types of fundamental approaches, but little by little, app development technologies are appearing. That go beyond these three main options. Let’s analyze them.

Three types of essential technologies in app development

Classically there are three types of app development technologies: Web apps, hybrid or native. Then comes the PWA, Progressive Web Apps, which tries to straddle between web apps and hybrids.

Let’s say that web apps, their most outstanding characteristic is that they are not apps themselves. Yes, exactly. They are websites that apparently look like apps or try to imitate the behavior of an app. They are not installable on the device and can be developed on any existing web technology.

  • Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are already an app themselves. The main feature is that we can have a single development for several platforms at the same time. And how is that possible? Because hybrid development is based on web development, it is encapsulated within an app. We have all the power of the browsers on our devices, which is undoubtedly a lot. But it is not a native app.

  • Android and iOS

And native apps are specific apps for each device. And today, there are two, as we all know: Android and iOS. The vast majority of Android, to be sure, but they’re about even in terms of app installs. And that’s because iOS users are fully active in installing and downloading applications, while Android users are not so much, far from it. Many Android users have a mobile phone to call. And they have two or three typical applications for any device, but probably no app will be installed.

What other app development technologies exist?

Apart from the aforementioned PWA, which is trying to gain a foothold, there are other technologies or fields that we can list.

  • Web responsive

Yes! It is not an app, far from it, but some people confuse it with a web app, so it is worth mentioning. When viewed from a mobile device or tablet, a responsive website distributes its content correctly so that it can be viewed optimally, without having to enlarge the screen, as was done many years ago. Any website that wants to be minimally worthy must be responsive without a doubt.

  • Hybrid app, but not with its own language

There has been a proprietary technology for a long time called Appcelerator. This technology has its own development environment (IDE). It allows you to develop in a specific language for both platforms, iOS, and Android, at the same time. There is a certain risk in adopting this technology since it is proprietary, and we depend 100×100 on this company so that our app remains alive. But it is one more option among the different ones that exist. Its behavior is rather native, although it allows common development on Android and iOS.

From our point of view, it is not highly recommended, but it is always an option to consider.

App development is useful or not.

Many times a company wonders if it makes sense for their business if app development is valuable or not. If it really will be a piece that allows you to grow in sales or visibility or get ahead of your competition.

The answer is that it depends, as usual. But probably, in most cases, it is an excellent way to invest and expect a return in increased activity, sales, or brand recognition in the sector.

And it is that today, users make much more purchases or queries through devices such as mobile phones or, to a lesser extent, tablets. It is a much more direct and agile way to find that product or service or to be in contact with the brands that interest us.

You just need to take a look, and any vital company in any sector has already had its app development in the stores, both Apple Store and Google Play, available to its users for some time. Not only to provide or promote your services or products but also to reach your users or potential customers more directly. Push notifications have become the most effective and direct communication channel.

How to select an app development company?

You want to start new app development or web development project, and you need a company to carry out the project. Where to start? What are your options in selecting a development company?

  • Contact an advertising agency. These are experts in creating a brand and making your website relevant. But many suffer from the fact that they don’t have experience in development. Or they may not use standard developments suitable for any app development or web development project, but they are not optimal.
  • Hire a developer profile, but this implies doing interviews in a sector where you do not have much experience, apart from the time spent and the costs. Also, if he leaves the company, your project may compromise.
  • Hire a freelance profile, but it is similar to the above. With more risk in that at any time, you want to prioritize other projects since it does not have a structure to cover many.
  • Hire a development company. In this case, we guarantee that there is application development or web development team behind the project. They will focus on advising you on the needs of your project, what technology, what objectives, and creating the product you need.

You already have it a little clearer about how to select a development company. However, keep in mind that not all development companies are the same. Be guided by those who can show you that they know about technology and are aware of market trends. Also, notice that they do not always recommend the same technology because it is more profitable for them. They may not learn new development languages ​​to reduce costs and not apply the technology that really adapts more to your project.

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